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Winter hiking routes
Winter hiking routes
Winter hiking routes
Winter hiking routes
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Winter hiking routes

A few insider tips for your hiking holiday in winter

Explore the white swathes of the Ridnauntal valley

As a member of the Wanderhotel – best alpine consortium, Erlebnisort Gassenhof is the perfect destination for a hiking holiday in South Tyrol – which, we’re happy to say, is an option all year round. Not only are there countless hikes that start directly from our hotel in Ridnaun, we also offer guided tours and hiking equipment that you can borrow for free, as well as plenty of insider tips for your own routes and excursions. Experience first-hand the magical beauty of our surrounding landscape as you make your way through pristine snowy expanses… Here are a few suggestions for your winter and snowshoe hikes in the area:

Winter hiking routes

Winter hiking routes:

Platschjoch panoramic winter trail in Ratschings

3 hours – 100 m elevation gain – 5.5 km

This snowshoe route starts at the mountain terminal of the Ratschings-Jaufen cable car. The trail leads east past the Rinneralm alp to the Kalcheralm hut, where you can take a break and grab a bite before continuing for 4 km until you reach the Jaufenpass road. From there it is just a 1 km walk to the destination of this hike: the Platschjoch saddle. The way back is along the same route.

To the Flanerjöchl saddle on Mt. Rosskopf

2 hours – 160 m elevation gain – 5.5 km

This family-friendly panoramic hike on Mt. Rosskopf starts from the cable car mountain terminal. Heading north, the first stretch features a gentle climb to the Sterzingerhaus restaurant. From there, the trail flanks the mountain ridge to the Flanerjöchl saddle. At the turning point, after a good 2.5 km, a beautiful panoramic view of the Wipptal mountains opens up. The way back to the starting point is via the Furlhütte hut. This route can be negotiated in either direction.

Winter hike to the Wurzeralm hut

2 hours – 400 m elevation gain – 5 km

This leisurely winter walk starts above Erlebnisort Gassenhof, in the hamlet of Entholz. Follow signpost no. 25, which will lead you through snowy woodland on a groomed forest road to the (Äußere) Wurzeralm alp and hut, at the foot of Mt. Mareiter Stein. The hike to the hut – which is open in winter as well as in the summer – is about 2.5 km and takes just over an hour to complete. You can then choose to go back either on foot or by tobogganing downhill.

Winter hike from Maiern to the Untere Gewingesalm hut

2.5 hours – 400 m elevation gain – 9 km

Starting from the hamlet of Maiern, take the trail that leads south to the Gewingesalm hut. The route twists and turns along groomed forest roads through the snowy woodland for little more than 4 km before reaching Untere Gewingesalm hut, which lies just above the tree line at 1,782 metres and welcomes hungry hikers in winter as well as in summer. The way back is along the same route.