Discover the effects of bioenergetic meditation

A unique opportunity at Erlebnisort Gassenhof

Health is our most valuable asset. Here at Erlebnisort Gassenhof, we go the extra mile to help guests take good care of their health and well-being. During your holiday here in Ridnaun, we offer you the chance to learn bioenergetic meditation according to the Viktor Philippi method.

This practice involves the laying of hands on various parts of the body, accompanied by special music. These two elements combined stimulate the body’s self-healing powers in a natural way. As a result, immune, metabolic and nervous functions are improved, and any state of anxiety and inner restlessness is alleviated. Bioenergetic meditation helps to release blockages on a physical, mental and spiritual level, unlocking new sources of energy for you to tap into in your everyday life. 

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