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Winter walking in Ridanna

Our top winter walks

What makes winter walking in Ridanna/Ridnaun so special? We believe it is the silence, the peace and the natural beauty surrounding our hotel in Racines/Ratschings. Below you find our selection of the best tours. Do you want to know more? Then simply call us or speak to us in person.

The alpine hut of Telves/Telf

From Telves di Sopra/Obertelf take the forest road towards Mt. Monte Cavallo/Rosskopf.  After about 45 minutes walk, you find a slightly rising, wide forest road (towards “Freund Alm”). Walk for a good half hour until the path ends into a little square, a crossing for several forest roads. Now continue towards “Freund Alm”; the steep path leads you in about 20 minutes to the hut.

Valley round walk

Start directly from our hotel in Ridanna/Ridnaun and follow the trail from the village to Masseria/Maiern and back. For the valley round walk you need about two hours’ time; the walk can be mastered with snowshoes or without.

“Innere Wumblsalm” in Racines/Ratschings

This tour begins about one kilometre after the ski resort. Follow the forest trail, the “Pulverer” forest road, leading westwards to the inner and outer “Wumblsalm”. Continue on the forest trail until you reach the “Sommerweg” trail. Follow the red-white marking (no. 10) and you come to the Schloter pass. Here start climbing to the “Innere Wumblsalm”. After about one and a half hours’ walk, you can spot the alpine hut, as the path leads you out of the forest. The hut is closed in winter. However, it is a nice place for a little rest, before heading back down again.

“Kalcheralm” mountain hut at Giovo/Jaufen mountain pass

Starting point for this winter walk is the mountain station of the Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen gondola car in South Tyrol. Start your hike aiming at the mountain restaurant and the “Rinneralm” lift. Shortly after the lift station you find the well-marked entry to “Kalcheralm”. After a relatively easy walk you reach the lovely hut in about 45 minutes.