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An active holiday in South Tyrol: make this summer count

Experience an active summer holiday in South Tyrol with the varied summer activities offered in Wipptal Valley, South Tyrol. A hiking holiday in South Tyrol is not only meant for hiking or biking. We have compiled a few suggestions for your active holiday in South Tyrol. We hope they will help you plan your summer holiday in South Tyrol. 

Horse riding while on holidays at Gassenhof

What is an active summer holiday in South Tyrol without horse-back riding! Not far from our hotel in Ridanna/Ridnaun you find the Hallerhof where horse fans can indulge in the simple pleasure of horse-back riding. Alternatively we recommend a horse carriage ride to the beautiful Ridanna/Ridnaun. You can book these rides in nearby Masseria/Maiern and Gasse.

Above the clouds: paragliding in Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal

Would you like to gaze at Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal from far above? Then, paragliding might be the right sport for you. High up in the deep blue sky you get to see the mountains of Ridanna/Ridnaun from a completely different angle. Enjoy the unique panorama while floating in the sky, accompanied by a trained and experienced flying instructor. The “Jochropp’n” paragliding association in Ridanna/Ridnaun offers tandem flights, which are perfect for all who wish to experience this adventure during their active holiday in South Tyrol. The flying regions are located on the main ridge of the Alps in Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal. Some of the possible starting points for your paragliding adventure are the Gewingesalm in Ridanna/Ridnaun (ca. 2,100 metres above sea level, elevation gain: ca. 800 m) or Monte Cavallo/Rosskopf in Vipiteno/Sterzing (ca. 2,200 metres above sea level, elevation gain: ca. 1,300 m). We are happy to organise your paragliding experience for you and hook you up with an experienced tandem pilot.

Rafting in South Tyrol: a highlight for your active summer holiday

This water-based adventure is available from the beginning of April to the beginning of October. The passage of the Isarco/Eisack River between Vipiteno/Sterzing and Fortezza/Franzensfeste is open for rafting adventures. Sign up for this refreshing voyage at the Rafting Club Tiger in Vipiteno/Sterzing. The rafting guides have travelled the most difficult rivers of the world, in the USA, Chile, South Corea and South Africa. The trained and experienced guides guarantee your safety and, of course, lots of fund.

The mining museum Monteneve/Schneeberg in Ridanna Valley

The most famous attraction in Ridanna Valley, however, is the mine. A visit to the mining museum is nearly a must during your active holiday in South Tyrol. Once upon a time, this mine was one of the highest mines in Europe. Many years ago the mine offered lots of silver, led and zinc, until it was closed in 1985. Today a visitors’ mine offers insight into the former ore production, representing a highlight for every active holiday in Ridanna/Ridnaun in South Tyrol. In the mine you find original and partly undamaged buildings, an educational trail and the mining museum. Take a guided tour across these tunnels and experience how every-day life used to be for miners. Take the train for about 3.5 km across the tunnel until you reach the ore deposit. Here you can take part in a round tour leading you across shafts, water passages and bottlenecks. Take mallet and chisel into your own hand and try your luck as a miner! Warning: the tour is not recommended if you are suffering from claustrophobia or mould allergy! Please make sure to dress warm.